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What day is that day?
My four year old and I were discussing holidays, and I asked him, "What is the day which comes after Halloween  View all

How are you doing?
A lone tourist who is passing through the suburbs on the way to town by car, unfortunately experiences mechani  View all

Osama's Valentine
Little Josh comes home from first grade and tells his father that they learned about the history of Valentine'  View all

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3 Dumb Blondes & 1 Brunette swinging on vines
There were 3 Dumb Blondes & 1 Brunette swinging on vines over a canyon of razor sharp rocks at the bottom. The 3 Dumb Blondes were arguing over that they would not be abl  [...]
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Blonde Who Watches FOX NEWS
There was a blonde watching FOX NEWS. There was a segment about a guy jumping off a bridge. A couple hours later, she called her brunette friend over her house. The news   [...]
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bathroom joke
Q:Who stole the soap from the bathtub?? A:The ROBBER ducky  [...]
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If I Was Going To Name A Football Team Ild Name It My Face So People Would Shout COME ON MY FACEEE!  [...]
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The Dog Joke
what do you call a dog that is a hundred years old ? a houndred  [...]
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